Dear Mastodon client app makers:

I’d love a Mastodon client that can show combined timelines (aka unified inbox). Even more if the client could also show timelines from Twitter (could even be read only?). Perhaps RSS support.

I miss the times of apps like Adium that would allow you to chat with people regardless of IM network.

@thomasfuchs I’d love something like stored searches. Those could even include hashtags from Twitter

@andrioid FWIW Tootdon on iOS has saved hashtag searches, it’s awesome

@andrioid it’s slightly buggy but you can pin timelines that are either hashtag searches or instances to the top

@thomasfuchs I was just trying it out, and Tootdon is the most feature complete (although a bit buggy) when it comes to finding interesting posts on Mastodon.

@thomasfuchs I wonder if Twitter’s API rules disallow that.

@thomasfuchs did you have a look at Twidere?
This little gem supports unified TL an DM across multiple servers and accounts (including the birdsite)

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