Ok, real realtalk. In your opinion, what’s the most esthetically pleasing old computer or terminal?

Here’s my top 3 (list subject to change without notice due to new finds and whims)...

#3 Atari 800 (1979)

An extremely pleasingly friendly yet futuristic design. Those yellow keys!

#2 LexisNexis Terminal (1980s)

If computers were designed by Italian Memphis designers.

@thomasfuchs don't want to sound old, but computers used to look better then they do today


@Qwxlea they had personality, for the last 15-20 years everyone is just trying to copy Apple

@thomasfuchs and lousy copies at that. I like the apple aesthetics, but want to run FOSS on it. They give us not-quite-right aesthetics, and hardware that still needs blobs to function


@Qwxlea I like the ability run foss (& with that Unix stuff) next to proprietary stuff, something they now have been allowing for almost 20 years.

I think a mainstream OS going that way really was a good thing for FOSS in general.

It’s a bit like the success of Starbucks making people aware that there’s more than gas station coffee and independent coffee shops started to pop up everywhere. (At least that’s what happened in the US.)

@thomasfuchs Yeah, I get that, I used to have a MBpro running OSX 10.6, and it was great. Bought a bunch of software and everything. But at the end of the day, what I really *need* is a terminal and a browser, the rest is just nice to have, so I can use whatever.

MacOS started to feel weird after a while. So I put Arch on it, used it (happily), until my parrot made me drop coffee (starbucks!) on it, and I got an ugly thinkpad...

@Qwxlea That’s the beauty with having choices in tools. Pick what you love and what works for you. :)

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