If you’re on a Mac, use Safari. It has great privacy protections, and Apple keeps innovating privacy improvements more than any other browser vendor. They recently added anti-fingerprinting and prevent tracking you via social widgets when you don’t interact with them (FB like button, etc)

Also Safari on Mojave has a gorgeous dark mode.

@arne ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ve tried dark mode for 30 seconds and switched back because I couldn’t see anything...

@thomasfuchs Hm, maybe try for a day or so. I've heard from people that they accustomed after some time.

@thomasfuchs Their new plugin policy doesn’t do a good job of letting users decide whether they trust plugin makers more than the sites they visit. I hope they allow stronger privacy plugins via a secure api soon.

@thomasfuchs it also will significantly increase your battery life. Chrome is a hog.

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