The only larger/lasting computer manufacturer from the late 70s/early 80s that actually started with computers is Apple, everything else is by companies who pivoted or diversified.

Apple... makes computers?

I thought they were a smartphone company? 🤣

@ParadeGrotesque did you know that the current generation iPhone runs JavaScript benchmarks faster than a current 18-core i9? :)

Yeah, benchmark optimisation is one hell of a drug! 🤓

A little bit like car companies putting special conditions when the car detects it is being benchmarked for pollution...

@ParadeGrotesque It’s not optimized for benchmarks (which you would normally try to do with a compiler), they actually implemented JS data types natively in hardware, and obviously this benefits any JavaScript application. You’d need a 2-inch thick current Android phone to reach Apple’s current ARM performance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Interesting... Any reference on that?

It makes sense for Apple, since they have total control over HW and SW.

@ParadeGrotesque the performance levels they reached in recent years with ARM is insane. Betting they’ll switch their “real” computers to the platform rather sooner than later.


@ParadeGrotesque They get laptops with incredible battery life, amazing performance and wouldn’t need to support two architectures forever. As long as they have a 10-year or so roadmap for their CPUs it only makes sense for them.

That's pretty much a given. The issue is that Intel is still better at raw number-crunching and (Giga)Flops than ARM is.

I could see them splitting their brand in two, with cheap MacBook going ARM, while the "Pro" line stays on Intel. But that would handicap their IPad Pro line.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on that...

@ParadeGrotesque the the current generation of “pro” computers already have ARM processors for subtasks in them (Touchbar, etc.). Wonder if they’ll just do some sort of dual-CPU thing for a while.

@thomasfuchs @ParadeGrotesque
Working with ARM chips (made in-house) is already improving all their work : efficiency, security...
I bet they'll go more and more this way

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