Today is a good day to ditch Chrome.

Don't enable spying, privacy invasion and who-knows-what kind of human rights violations in China.

As alternatives try Safari or Firefox. Set your search engine to DuckDuckGo. Live happily ever after. :)

My mom uses the safest search engine ever.....
She calls me and asks ME to look it up. Lol

@thomasfuchs Don't forget to get as many browser extensions as possible for Safari or Firefox, as described on:
(Tbh, I think maybe more extensions will be available for Firefox than Safari, but please check, since I don't have/use Safari.)
Also, feel free to try out other choices for non-Google searches, such as StartPage and SearX (because having choices is always a good thing).

@thomasfuchs @remotenemesis Except, Mozilla has plans to spy on your Firefox history. Chrome at least doesn’t do that. And Firefox is also quite insecure with worse sandboxing :(.

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