Movies set in 2019:
- Blade Runner
- The Running Man
- Akira

As well as the undeservedly less well known Italian movie, “2019 - Dopo la caduta di New York”.

As the 21st century approached and technology was staying the same, I realized that sci fi creators overestimated the advance of human tech, and should've pumped up their years by at least 100.

@rick_777 @thomasfuchs Either that, or they didn't account for the tendency of rich capitalists to treat the existence of a profitable business model as an institution that must be protected by any means necessary -- as if they had a moral right to a steady profit margin year after year.


I was actually referring to the practically nil advance of technology in the following fields:

* Laser guns
* Flying cars
* Holographic displays
* Space exploration
* Artificial Intelligence
* Robotics

Even modern AI is super specific and requires massive amounts of computing resources - 1/2

@starbreaker And even then it fails miserably, like AIs confusing images with captions in IMPACT font with cats :blobfacepalm:

What a disappointment :blobsadleft:

On a funnier note, there's a subreddit dedicated to the lack of cool stuff in our crappy world: r/ABoringDystopia. Go figure. - 2/2

@rick_777 @starbreaker I guess the big question is when the acceleration into real-life dystopia catches up and passes the SciFi Dystopias.

And also, where's today's SciFi writing stories about 2050-2100? And to 2119 and beyond.

2050 is *nearly* inside the 30 year prediction event horizon.

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