Because it’s so glamorous here’s another shot of my main work keyboard 🦄🍹🌴

@thomasfuchs That IS a glorious colourful setup, but I'd be constantly distracted by my own drool dripping onto the space bar, as I fantasize about eating a large packet of Liquorice Allsorts! :)

The pink & blue jellied ones are my favourite..

@thomasfuchs Alright, explain to me how this rollermouse thing works, you've got me intrigued.

@ifixcoinops I've carpal tunnel caused by mousing, and I don't like trackballs. The rollermouse comes very natural and you can move it around with just your thumb or you use other fingers depending our mobile you are (I'm in a wrist brace).

They also have an optional larger wrist pad that extends to your elbows which is good if you're on a standing desk. I'm thinking of trying that.

So far I really like the rollermouse, it's well-built, easy to use and very accurate.

@thomasfuchs That sounds great, but... like, physically, how does it work? Is it like a big scroll wheel? How do you move the cursor horizontally?

@ifixcoinops the slider is on a lubed bar (twss), so it moves horizontally. to move vertically you rotate the slider up and down. to click, or click and drag you just press the slider down (or use one of the other provided buttons)

@thomasfuchs That's a really neat idea! I like seeing alternative mousing methods, especially the really unusual ones. They're like a vision of an alternate timeline.

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