Did you know? You can tell the approximate era of a circuit board by how the traces are laid out and spaced. I’d say this is mid to late 70s. Hand-traced, with beautiful curves!

@thomasfuchs I especially love that the label is not printed on but made out of metal as well

@thomasfuchs i've got another example that i really really love in an old speaker i've got.

@thomasfuchs I once posted a picture of a G07 chassis on FB and a friend commented on how aesthetically interesting the "circuit squiggles" were. I've since adopted the term "Circuit squiggles" for this type of swooshy, flowing, obviously-human-designed layout.

@thomasfuchs Hand-drawn circuit boards are a lost art.

Then again, I doubt you could get multi-gigahertz performance out of anything hand-drawn, so I guess it wouldn't even work for modern circuits, even if you did want to put in the time.

@thomasfuchs ive had to repair boards with this kind of trace layout from as late as 1996/1997 for a plasma cutting controler that lost axis control on x, y, and z simultaniously

it was a very low volume board so i can understand why it was still done by hand in 1997 tbh

@thomasfuchs So these traces were literally laid out by hand?

Not coldly efficient but there is a definite artistry in this.

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