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In 1968, IBM fired Lynn Conway, pioneering chip designer, for being trans. She later restarted her career in computing under a new name and rose to prominence a second time. She is still alive and living with her husband outside Ann Arbor. twitter.com/IBM/status/110…


Lynn Conway invented they way modern superscalar microprocessors are designed and made.

Microprocessors like the ARM architecture, designed by Sophie Wilson, a trans woman.

You know, the processor of the phone you’re reading this on.

@thomasfuchs I have Conway and Mead's _Introduction to VLSI Systems_ on my shelf. Still a useful reference today.


Ashawna Hailey and her twin brother Kim (why is it always the cis sibling who gets the androgynous name?) wrote HSPICE, *the* gold-standard circuit simulator for IC design

… btw that was *after* they taped out AMD’s first microprocessor

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