Happy 30th Birthday, Intel 80486!

This is the 33MHz CPU I've used for my first own PC build, and at some point in the near future I'd love to try and rebuild that machine from spare parts.

Can't wait to see you boot up just once more, my old friend!


Naaah, DOOM ran fine on that. I mean, whatever your definition of "fine" is, of course. But I remember playing it on a 386SX and I still enjoyed it, albeit it was certainly a bit slow there.

@fribbledom @thomasfuchs Also, while the performance of the processor was constant, you were still at the mercy of the specific chipset and bus architectures of the motherboard manufacturer. A poor choice of chipset or the wrong bus master arbitration algorithm could spell doom (no pun intended) for good data throughput over the system buses.

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