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@thomasfuchs Image description: A paranoid-looking computer user has a huge napkin hanging from his neck, and is eating a 5 1/4 floppy disk. The floppy disk has a bite mark around the edge.

Text transcript:

A Taste of Security

If merely erasing sensitive data is not enough for you, Soycure Systems of Tokyo has developed the ultimate in disk security.

Made entirely of processed soybeans, Parasoya Disks are writable, readable, and edible.


Parasoya disks contain 84 percent more protein than average floppy disks and are available in 5 1/4-inch (regular) and 3 1/2-inch (crunchy) formats.

Available at computer and health stores everywhere, Parasoya Disks are priced at $50 per 10-pack from Soycure Systems. I Tufchuying. Tokyo, Japan.


@rick_777 @thomasfuchs

this would have been a brilliant thing to see used by spies on television, admit it

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