The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is how JavaScript got 100x more complex from 2009 to 2019 and yet web apps look exactly the same, except that they’re often slower now.

@thomasfuchs When I was a dev back in the aughts I actively decided I'd focus on HTML and CSS because I hated Javascript bloat so much, and today I am blessedly unhireable

@brownpau I love JavaScript when it's used correctly, but what we have right now is more like a cancerous growth

@thomasfuchs i like how my browser feels just as slow now as netscape did on my 133mhz

@thomasfuchs feels like asset pipelines have contributed to this complexity.I know they could be useful for big projects, but changes in ECMAscript have made it easier to keep it simple and go back to including scripts via tags.

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