For professional use, a $15,000 computer is peanuts.

Workstations in the 90s etc were way more expensive (seriously, a lot more) than that and sold fine. It’s not a mass market. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When running a dev shop or a design studio, hardware costs are minimal compared to employee salaries, health care, rent.

Plus tax-deductible. The monitor may be priced high, but you can use those for a long, long, time.

Fwiw I’m still using a LED Cinema Display that I bought 9 years ago. Works totally fine and looks like new.


As a developer or designer you’re sitting in front of the fucking computer all day every day—IMO it is self-care to get the best thing possible.

- Get a really fast computer so you get shit done quicker.
- Get a really good monitor so you minimize eye strain
- Get a good mechanical keyboard so typing is a joy, not a chore
- Get an ergonomic desk and chair
- Get the best quality, life is too short for crappy tools

@thomasfuchs 100% agreed. I would also add: Find out which peripherals reduce your pain (e.g. wrists, shoulders) and get quality ergonomic devices. Also: consider less common options like trackballs and matte finish for the screen. We only have one body to take care of!

@thomasfuchs Also, everybody online knows you *can* build a computer yourself that's as fast and powerful as the Mac Pro for way cheaper, but if you're buying a Mac Pro then you're not only paying for hardware, you're paying Apple to build a working computer for you.

If your job is not to build computers, then you shouldn't have to build the tools to do your job yourself. You can do that if you want, of course, but buying a Mac Pro is an equally as valid option.

@thomasfuchs i'm on my computer all day and if i had to spend $15k on my ideal setup i literally cannot imagine spending more than $2k of that on my own personal comfort, at least independently of computing power.

including, i'd probably say $12k for 3 ridiculously overpowered* machines each running a different os that i can alternate between just by turning around.

*granted, this is an office job and i don't need to compile anything, so this description is relative

@thomasfuchs I got a $90 chair for home and, yappari, it wasn't comfortable enough to sit all day on it.

I'm already on the look for a better chair at Nitori and other furniture stores in Tokyo.

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