For some reason, I can’t really put my finger on it, all the monopolistic big-ass Internet companies are constantly telling us that the future of computing is dumb terminals using their hosted services.

See also: Google Stadia

@thomasfuchs the last big push of this concept I can recall was Sun trying to sell us on the idea about 20 years ago and I expect this one will turn out just as well.

@mike @thomasfuchs The future they were trying to push was exactly the future we have today, where most applications are just standardised powerful terminals backed by servers in remote datacentres.

They were a decade or so early, but this is precisely the vision they tried to sell.

@thomasfuchs so true. However data is growing faster than bandwidth to accommodate it. I think we are on the cusp of another pc like revolution that ended the mainframe era. Question is whether edge compute can become a private sphere instead of a swamp of surveillance capitalism

@thomasfuchs Yeah that's because average person doesn't care about data storage & ownership which it really all comes down to. I really hope federated networks / SOLID stuff takes off among the masses. My growing suspicion is that it'll take lot of time and effort - good news is that the change is happening on the dev side: (check the end of the article)

Having computing & storage in the hands of the masses is a huge threat to corporate power. They're terrified of what happens when we figure out how to coordinate our use of the resources we own. See, for example, Bittorrent.

Even worse for them is our ability to *create* things without having to fund and distribute our creations through their systems. Hence the dumbing down of the software they deign to make available to us.

@thomasfuchs they have told me this specifically when looking for work. Soooo many jobs helping people move to hosted services

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