@thomasfuchs Comes with a Search Engine Directory. That's real value.

@feld @thomasfuchs this. use a notebook on your person to track passwords and exercise proper password security and you're as good as gold. i wouldn't trust any digital tool with passwords. this book would be even better if it has special paper that prevents imprints on the page below it

@thomasfuchs why would i ever need to write down monkey123

@Mycroft @thomasfuchs Nobody else can see my password, hunter2, if I write it down anyway. So why not?

@thomasfuchs this has some upsides; intuitive to use for people of all ages, and unhackable

@thomasfuchs this is basically a password manager that's not connected to any computer network or other system, so how is it not a good idea

@thomasfuchs Awesomely, a charity sent me a FREE password directory in the mail last week. Good scrap paper.

While it's probably safer than most password managers, offline password storage shouldn't be advertised as such! A password book should be nondescript so it doesn't stand out on the shelf!

@thomasfuchs Upcoming product innovation: hardcopies of rainbow tables!

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