Today’s a good time to leave Google’s spyware behind. Use Firefox or Safari.

@thomasfuchs ...and switch to searx or any other privacy respecting search engine. IIRC, Mozilla still sets google as default search

@dennis yeah that’s how they make money, can’t blame them. I mostly use DuckDuckGo fwiw.

@thomasfuchs Seriously, Safari ? Doesn't that just mean Apple will collect all your data instead of Google ? How's that an improvement ?

@numimyon Yes, seriously. Apple doesn’t collect your data, and they been innovating on privacy protection features for years. Literally the first section on the Safari website.

@thomasfuchs @numimyon Apple being so inherently harmful in dozens of rehards though leaves a reason to boycott them entirely. Since Safari doesn't support other platforms than Darwin, that's not too hard anyway.
You can also use the -chromium fork which is available in , AUR, and even Chocolatey.

@CyReVolt @thomasfuchs wouldn't trust any of the big tech companies in that regard ... think they all collect data one way or another. If you really care about privacy, I think Open Source software like Firefox is the safest way to go. And if you don't, Google for me at least seem to be the most transparent about what data they collect and what they do with it

@numimyon @CyReVolt @thomasfuchs Google is just more sophisticated in tricking you than for example Microsoft. How do you know what they do with your data? They stole it from you, you're not in control any longer.

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