Yeah sex is cool but have you tried an original IBM PC power switch *clunk*

Oh yeah, I had one of those. Bought it for some 150 bucks in 1997 I think.

The best story about this machine was that I absolutely needed a 3,5" diskette drive but of course the machine had only one 5.25" floppy drive and also no support for those drives in DOS 1.0 or whatever it was. So here's what I did: I phoned IBM support about this, and they totally mailed me a floppy with a custom driver for the newer disk drive - for free! Those were the days ...

@thomasfuchs Woah, yes! Also, nobody ever quite managed to create the same kind of deep and hollow sounding fan noise like those early IBMs. Particularly before the whine of the hard disks started...

@artlogic @thomasfuchs yes my XT clone back in the 80's had exactly this switch.

It was love. :blobcatheart:

@thomasfuchs I have used this. I didn't have one, but my fried did. It was so satisfying to turn on one of those machines.

@thomasfuchs I put a generic 386 board in my AT case and loved that klunk!

@thomasfuchs i saw "an original ICBM power switch" and i was... Concerned.

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