@thomasfuchs it’s all about the pentiums. (yeah)
it’s all about the pentiums. (yeah)

@thomasfuchs dx-33? Nice. I had a dx-100 with a swollen 24mb of EDO ram

@thomasfuchs that whole tower was dummy thicc, especially the fans.

@thomasfuchs ohh a dx - so it had the math cpu! I had a dx2 - I think it had the lightning speed of 66Mhz. Windows 3.11 was super fast - Win95 not so much when it came...

Couldn't afford on of these and tweaked the hell out of my 386sx to play dn3d when it came out. Fun times :)

@thomasfuchs @twitter I fully had one of those! I also had a 486dx25 it was a beast... errr at the time...

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