Mass shootings in 2019 in countries that play a lot of video games

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@thomasfuchs there's a kid from argentina that won 900k US$ in a fortnite tournament, and he had to "pay" about 30% to the local revenue service because taxes.
yet still, he hasn't shot anyone.

@mauro @thomasfuchs did that kid (just like anyone else) by any chance benefit from services that the democratically elected government provides with tax money?

@pinkprius given the current state of the country, i'd firmly say: No.


@thomasfuchs You mean it's not video games?


I wonder what it could be?

@thomasfuchs It's impossible to know. And it's unstoppable. Just ask the leaders from the only country in the world where it's routine.

@thomasfuchs What I wonder always is this: there's a lot of violent/revenge movies, some of which take a semi-first-person perspective (the Equalizer, Olympus has fallen, basically any recent Liam Neeson movie, ...). Yeah, the hero fights the bad guys isn't that's the same premise as in video games? Hence, where's the difference? Why no talk about movies ever ? Could it be the lobby for movies e in the US being much bigger than the US lobby for making video games....?? ๐Ÿค”

@dennis They did blame movies for a long time (and Rockโ€™nโ€™Roll music before that). They just pick the most popular form of entertainment; thatโ€™s literally the only reason.

@thomasfuchs you could state that ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท police commited mass shooting in 2019.

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