I wish there were manufacturers of modern computers with the same aesthetics as 1970s terminals

@thomasfuchs so tempting to start a computer company that deals in high quality retro tech. somebody please help make this happen. people will buy. #retrocomputing

@thomasfuchs It even has widescreen, that's what the kids like these days

@thomasfuchs I wish people still used words like terminal

@thomasfuchs tempted to make something like this my next carbon fiber project after the #cybredecke - updated components (maybe another rockpro64 and one of these lcd panels I'm waiting for) but the same form factor :cofe_think:

@thomasfuchs Using these machines is a different feeling compared to modern hardware. Even using emulators is just not like the real thing.

The more I play around with retro tech the better I understand the fascination of retro car people, or people who love music on vinyl. In all of these cases, it's not about the performance or "quality" but something different. A feeling of being closer to the actual technology.

@loke @thomasfuchs sounds like input latency. Sometimes I like to close Linux's window manager and work in a direct TTY terminal just to get this feeling.

@loke @thomasfuchs

Last night I had a nostalgic dream I was using MTS again -- an operating system I haven't used in almost 30 years.

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