Why aren’t sites “lite” in the first place?

It’s like having two newspaper editions, a normal one and one with bricks attached that contain GPS trackers and phones and cameras.

@thomasfuchs and when you go to take one of the newspapers without a GPS brick attached you have to push aside a flap that has, "Why, why do you hate us and wish to see newspapers die?" printed on it.

@thomasfuchs reminds me of USA Today's EU version of their site, it's supposed to be passive-agressively saying "see, this is how the web would be without tracking and scripts, look how much it sucks!!" Except it's super light, the UI is no frills and straight to the point and it's overall one of the most pleasant experiences you can have on a news site

@thomasfuchs I seem to remember one of the early visions of microtransactions was one where a user could get the basic/lite version of a page for free by default. Then they would be given the option to pay some microfee to get the "enhanced" version with all the graphical/interactive bells and whistles.

Its definitely not a perfect idea but given the current ad and clickbait hellhole we're in, it's appealing to ponder at the very least.

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