If you don’t want a racist uncle to win (from either side of the political spectrum), now would be a good time to donate to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign -> elizabethwarren.com


I hate that as a permanent resident I’m not allowed to vote but I can still legally donate money to political candidates.

This disenfranchises immigrants who can’t afford donations.

In their name and mine I just donated.

@thomasfuchs I am also not allowed to vote here as a permantent resident in Germany. But am I allowed to donate to political parties? For that matter, is anyone?

@cliff1976 I think donations are ok, if they’re supplements to state-provided party financing, only by individuals and capped at reasonable low amounts

@thomasfuchs Hmm, the voluntary immigrant's conundrum: live where it's better now, or move to where you can better influence change? 😬

@cliff1976 live where you enjoy the people and community, try to influence things to be better

@cliff1976 (also the climate and weather, here in the southwest of the US I generally feel a lot better)

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