The scariest and spookiest thing all month long is that you voluntarily use Chrome and have Amazon's spy devices in your home.

(Good on you if you don't!)

@thomasfuchs do you know of any devices that can be used by a person who is almost blind that can take verbal cues for devices besides their spy ones?

@Lemonhead I’d suggest Apple, they don’t have any interest in selling your data on and have been long on the forefront of accessibility.

@thomasfuchs I'm glad I don't, but I do have two Google spy devices in my home and one ex Google spy device.

Damn smartphones. I plan on buying one that has mainline support and then using that one forever after as a daily driver. If I happen to aquire more, I'll only use them to study them and port Linux to them, try to liberate them. Other than that, they have no place in my home.

@thomasfuchs What would be your immediate recommendations to a person who is looking to decouple themselves from Google?

@pavera If you don’t want endless tinkering, Apple with sprinkles of Firefox

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