If you feel down because your software has bugs that you haven’t gotten around to fix in forever or that you launched with a design that hasn’t been polished enough always remember that Acer shipped this

@thomasfuchs Ah yes, the Acer Robin Reliant to balance out their Ferrari range.


> If you feel down because your software has bugs that you haven’t gotten around to fix in forever or that you launched with a design that hasn’t been polished enough always remember that Acer shipped this

I spent about 15 seconds looking for what was wrong on the screen before realizing I was missing something a bit more obvious!

@thomasfuchs Does the keyboard have a setting to ignore accidental input while mousing? 🤣🤣

@carcinopithecus @thomasfuchs it WAS intentional

it also has a hinge to bring the (touch) screen up and closer to you, IIRC, so you could use keyboard+touchscreen with the large screen on a plane, where conventional laptops with large screens don’t work on planes

(also consider how bad laptop trackpads so often are - I don’t know how many laptops I’ve seen with a Unifying dongle hanging off the side, and the user always uses an external mouse with it - and having it as a secondary emergency input device shoved out of the way starts to make a bit of sense)

@thomasfuchs wh... how... Who looked at that, thought for a minute, and said "Yeah that looks good"?!?

@thomasfuchs this reminds me of the laptops in "the sims 3"... if i recall properly, they had the same layout because the game devs didn't want to do separate animations or smth...

what the f... of a abomination is that? what is ist supposed functionality?

@thomasfuchs I mean with how the screen moves it might make sense… for people who don't wanna use the trackpad at all

@thomasfuchs In the early 1970s I was working for Stanley Tool Eagle Square Plant Shaftbury Vt running a milling machine that put the chalk line groove in Cast Iron levels. SOMEONE (Not ME milled a pallet full of them with the groove on the wrong side so when you used the groove over a chalk line the bubble glass was upside down. The pallet sat covered with a Hold tag on it for a month, then they decided to sell it as a "Special", for extra $$$ 🤣

@thomasfuchs Years later I found myself working as a precision mechanical inspector at Seagate's machine shop in Watsonville California inspecting parts for disc drive motors. I don't know where to even start describing... But sometimes... quite often... I'm amazed their disc drives ever worked at all.

@thomasfuchs It sure isn't an ST-225! Unless it's still in the box. I failed EVERY laminated motor armature that ever sat on my table for paint contamination. They even tried the ultimate no-no... secretly passing them off to a selected inspector whose inspection career was BEER inspection at a brewery. When layoff time came.guess who went. Him or me, who was hired b/c I had done the finish assembly on their Hardinge lathe chucks at a Northfield Pecision back east. Me ofc. I was ready anyway.

@pelican3301 That was my first hard disk back in the 80s. :) surprisingly enough there’s still some out there working to this day.

@thomasfuchs Post-225 I THINK! Worked there 1991 - 94 or so. The 225 had stiction prob and you had to slap the XT like an old TV set out of syc to get it to spin up else you got a 'drive not found' error. A later model in a Tandy IBM compatible was built into the keyboard and vibrated so badly it would walk the keyboard off your desk. Some drives were shipped incomplete with electronic components missing. OEMs screaming for delivery... double letter blueprints. Tossed MilSpec 415D out the window

@pelican3301 percussive maintenance has a long and proud tradition with computers…

@thomasfuchs "Percussive Maintenance" I'll remember that! The 225 had enough torque when new, but as the bearings and shafts wore in... Did I mention there were "Engineers" there whose whole career was that specific Bearings and shafts etc Only the old-timers knew how the drives worked They'd get called in in a pinch. Strokes, freakouts, ensued. But they finally made the $$$ they were worth. Like the Y2K bugcprogrammers who worked for peanuts at a time no one thought they'd need four date fields

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