In Blade Runner we were promised giant unethical tech companies ruining everything, instead we got giant unethical tech companies ruining everything.

@maxeddy @thomasfuchs Most of the #cyberpunk genre seems more or less accurate about corporations, merely, most authors assumed it would be much worse much sooner...

@thomasfuchs Refund! Where's Blade Runner's manager, I demand a refund!


And next year we enter the cyberpunk era. I remember playing the cyberpunk 2020 RPG and thinking it was impossibly far away.

@RussSharek @thomasfuchs yeah, at one point I was sure I could get a lung prothesis by now so I didn't worry about smoking...

Luckily I managed to quit.

@nemeciii @RussSharek glad to hear it, I quit after 10 years of smoking a pack a day and haven’t had a cigarette in a decade now

@thomasfuchs @RussSharek same here. One of the causes was cost of smoking. I smoked 150€/month.

@nemeciii @RussSharek @thomasfuchs That can't be right, because a guy on the internet told me tobacco taxes don't work.

@clacke @RussSharek @thomasfuchs right 😜, when it's one € per cigarette you soon begin to question things.


A lifetime ago, before I became a clown, I smoked two packs a day. Happy to have left that, and so much other unhealthy ways of being, behind.


@thomasfuchs yeah but it looked really cool in bladerunner and it's the same now but it doesn't look really cool

@thomasfuchs yeah but without cool robots nor space colonies, which sucks even more

But the RL A E S T H E T I C S suck when compared to Bladerunner. And "Disney" is a shit name compared to "Tyrell Corp".

@thomasfuchs what if the new blade runner had just been unedited security can footage from the Google headquarters

@thomasfuchs It is partly because the L.A. area has not yet developed the wisdom to hire lots of Tokyo architects. ;)

@thomasfuchs Actually, in Bladerunner we were promised nuclear war happened and there are no real animals left. Oh, and then there's the happiness religion drugging people and using prophetic shows, but that part is missing from the movie. It's surely distopian but not because of the companies. Not even Tyrell is really evil.

@thomasfuchs we were promised cool names too, and we got lousy Google and Apple FFS

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