All those developers at Google who think they’re God’s gift and must remove URLs because “they don’t work” should really take a deep look into the mirror.

They’re doing this in an intransparent, undemocratic process abusing their quasi-monopoly on Internet search and Internet browsers.

They will tell you to “listen to both sides”.

Well, given the choice between an advertising mega-corporation whining about that they can’t have a monopoly everywhere (e.g. on iOS) and users, I will pick the latter.

The logical end game is for Google to dictate that you need a “certified broswer” to use their services.

They’ve already started to require that from apps with some of their APIs.

And with AMP they’re essentially trying to create their own private Internet.

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I don’t know what else people need to see what is going on here and why alarm bells aren’t going off.

Probably they’re waiting for an “Why We Are Evil” essay from Sundar Pichai to believe it.

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the fuck, url removals? im ootl can u fill me in on this

@kahakai they’re working on removing URLs from Chrome’s search bar, and their mobile search results in the US are starting to omit URLs. Here’s a screenshot:

but... why? urls are perfect as is: theyre small, and usable by everyone. how would you differentiate a phishing site and a normal site with the only difference being urls now? unless you have to rely on their algorithm to get rid of 100% of phishing sites, probably with some false positives too.

and again, why? it's fine as is, why fix what isn't broken

@thomasfuchs you see
urls dont send everything through google servers
this is a problem

@thomasfuchs Do you have a source regarding the fact that they are talking about removing the address-bar from chrome? I've heard it before, but I have a hard time finding a source, and I am legitimately curious to read more about it...


They want to remove all or parts of URLs because “it’s more secure” or something.

How about teaching people about URLs instead? This is like saying that no one understands phone numbers.

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