Are you in the US and have been prescribed stimulants (e.g. for ADHD or autoimmune stuff)? FDA is seeking public comments (deadline 11/19), here’s a commenting guide from a friend who’s a disabled lawyer fighting all the crap that makes it harder to get the right medications. Please read and consider commenting, even if you’re not going these messages atm, or perhaps a dependent or family member needs them. please boost, literally lives at stake here

The FDA wants to prevent abuse, which is fine, but it can’t be that it makes it harder for patients to take their medicine. For example, many people need to open up pills like Adderal XR and mix them with food (applesauce etc.) to be able to take them without side effects.

@thomasfuchs Oh thank you! This is a HUGE issue in our household. Thank you!

How about researching less harmful alternatives to stimulants like amphetamines and methylphenadate.

@thomasfuchs i take concerta for adhd, thanks for the info

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