I’m lucky that I own my own company and that I’m ready to work from home with only the finest hardware

Woha! I had one of these! (Or rather my dad had one). I remember long hours on it playing "Double Dragon", "Winter Games", and "Summer games II" among others.
The memories...

@thomasfuchs Ah, the good old plasma laptop displays. About 2 seconds of screen fadeout time and impossible to use in any lighting conditions.

Those were the best of days. You really had to work when computing.

@loke @thomasfuchs I'm really looking forward to black on grey monochrome liquid ink displays that work in most if not all light conditions. Fuck colors.

@aeveltstra @thomasfuchs What's the fastest refresh times achievable on an e-ink display?

@loke @thomasfuchs I wouldn't know. Fast enough for reading books, mastodon, and websites!

My experiments suggest 2Hz for a small part of the screen, but more like ⅓Hz for the whole thing...
@loke @thomasfuchs

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