@silmathoron @thomasfuchs I can only quote Crow from MST3K: "Now I /really/ hate his everliving guts..."

This kind of things reminds me awesome scene from "Avatar". Where Jake Sully says that Sky People think they could take whatever they want. And Na'vi people would send them message they couldn't take whatever they want. I dream about day when some "greater force" would show greedy governments they are not gods of this planet.

@madargon @thomasfuchs that greater force does indeed exist.

mom's comin' round to put it back the way it oughta be.

@thomasfuchs one below he says that this was a joke and that they get their lithium from Australia. Can someone verify that claim? Would be important here I guess.

@thomasfuchs and then when people deal with it, he will act like a crybaby treated injustly aswel.

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