At this price, the memory in my laptop costs $687 million dollars

@thomasfuchs Oh man.. my computer would cost at least $274,877,906,944 dollars. Can you imagine pre-inflation value of that? That would easily be 10 of trillions of dollars in today value.

@thomasfuchs My new iMac has $858 million dollars worth of memory at those early-80s prices. That really puts it into perspective. 😮

@thomasfuchs OK I had a moment to run it through a calculator.

Inflation adjusted, the memory in my new iMac is worth $2.87 billion if I would have had to pay for it in 1980 at 2 cents per byte.

$2.87 BILLION!!!

@thomasfuchs I used to run my own IT business back in the day. I remember we had an impromptu party when hard drives dropped below £1 per Mb. The drive I bought yesterday would have cost me £8,388,608 . Instead I had change from £200

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