You think all DOS games look terrible? Screenshot of Flight Unlimited (1995) left and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 right. (image via Reddit).


Obviously it doesn’t have the whole world in it, but OTOH it starts in like 5 seconds on a modern computer and doesn’t require a 100 GB download just to get started.

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@thomasfuchs Nowadays it's just sharper, more details, and better shadows. But yeah, it is not THAT terribad!

@thomasfuchs I miss the days of expansion packs. Like proper expansions, ones that cost half of what the original game did and added 50% more content in one go.

Not having access to a continuous delivery method meant they actually had to plan what went in it, and make it worthwhile for players to go buy the thing. If someone had released an expansion that just had another faction that was just a recoloured version of an existing one they'd be tarred and feathered.

@kungtotte @thomasfuchs I'm guessing you were never a Sims 3 fan. So many branded part packs and promotional expansions! 😂

@thomasfuchs Since I'm on a Mac and FS2020 is not an option I actually downloaded the latest Flightgear and it's somewhere between those two screenshots and is free. I am impressed with how far it got.

Have you ever tried Flightgear?

@thomasfuchs I've been a flight sim fan for a long time, but I never played Flight Unlimited. It does look really good (although probably less good up close)

@loke @thomasfuchs it also had really nice flight model that plowed aerobatics and soaring.

@tuturto @thomasfuchs speaking of flight models, I have been somewhat disappointed with the new MSFS. It is feels like there have been no progress on that front since the last one.

I'm using X-plane and IL-2 as a reference here, as I'm not an actual pilot.

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