It’s 2020 and this Windows icon is referencing three dead technologies: CRT monitors, CD-ROMs and packaged software.

@thomasfuchs Probably better than a cloud sneaking through an open window and leaving a mass of bits on your keyboard.

They can't afford an artist for an updated icon.
Lazy is what Microsoft does.

@thomasfuchs Perhaps the progress bar itself will become obsolete one day.

@thomasfuchs reminds me of that one blog(?) post from long ago that spoke about how there's no good substitute for the floppy disk as a save icon

@electricsand @thomasfuchs

the voicemail icon on a mobile telephone keypad is still a stylised version of two spools of tape, media often refers to "secret tapes" of politicians/celebrities being recorded even though its been decades since a Nagra SN / UHER Report or a Revox A77 hidden in an unmarked van parked outside would have been used for such audio surveillance...

@vfrmedia @electricsand @thomasfuchs LOL WUT Sorry, there are plenty of USA geeks but nobody does Boffin quite as well as you lot.

@thomasfuchs To be fair, Apple will also revive their "Sad Mac" faulty bootscreen logo with the new ARM Macs

Namasté 🙏 @thomasfuchs hmm, the screenshot, looks like Win NT Server 2000 installation ?

image description: the windows installer icon in an installation progress dialog, looking as described: a horizontally-laid desktop computer with a CRT monitor on top, a software package on on the left, and a big CD-ROM disc.

@KitsuneAlicia @thomasfuchs

there is a system icon for a 5-1/4 drive in Windows 7 and probably 10.

@automaticorange @thomasfuchs Idk about the icons, but we do know that Windows 10 removed support for internal floppy drives. USB ones appear to still work to some capacity, but internal ones require a lot more work to actually get up and running.

Linux's kernel has also marked the internal floppy driver as depreciated and it'll no longer receive updates if it breaks in the future.

So, the drive bays are, for all intents and purposes, obsolete on a software level.


Huh, I did not know about that for 10 or Linux. Makes sense though.

@thomasfuchs That's nothing. "Microsoft" begins with an Egyptian water icon.

Apple fanbois should feel no pride, theirs is an Egyptian ox.

Iconography is durable.

@thomasfuchs Ofc you're right. But CDs & DVDs are the last possibility to actually own a medium by owning the carrier. Thats getting more and more valuable to me.

@thomasfuchs well, you can’t depict fully digital software easily, so I like the cd/dvd for that … and the package for destinguishing it from music/movies

@thomasfuchs reminds me of the kid who saw a floppy and thought someone had 3D printed "a save icon."

Curiously enough, at least two of those would be great to have back simply because of what it'd mean for software distribution that is respectful of privacy, security and digital independence.

We lived the death of an era.

@thomasfuchs not to mention the "save" button being a floppy disk.


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