@thomasfuchs that’s quite a lot. how much when you factor in redundancy?

@thomasfuchs That looks like a machine that will run Microsoft Flight Simulator on low-medium settings.

@loke lol, so actually the guts of the machine are from 2014 (GPUs, CPU) and I can do 1080p on high in FS2020 pretty well.

@thomasfuchs Well, at least you have enough disk space for it. 🙂

(this was actually trigger for me writing the previous message in the first place. I had to uninstall it due to the fact that I didn't have enough space for it on my Windows partition, and at the same time I can't run it on 4k even with my reasonably powerful machine).

@loke I actually reinstalled it to an SSD. Also the 64GB RAM help tremendously with load times.

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