There’s a new half-hour video on reverse engineering and analyzing the design behind collision detection in the original Zelda. There’s truly all human knowledge on YouTube.

@thomasfuchs I tried to watch it. I got about 20 seconds into it where he's talking about putting notes on the assembly code 😂📝

@Wetrix I'm not sure what you're saying here. These old games are primarily written in assembler, or something similar. It's not a terribly verbose language and annotation is key.

Even understanding the assembler itself as it's running is probably a feat unto itself.


@nathand @thomasfuchs oh I'm not taking away from what the guy has accomplished! Not at all.

It's just not that exciting to watch I guess for me 😅

@thomasfuchs This is fascinating and shows just how much you can pack into a tiny game engine, like LoZ. So much to learn from the old masters.

@thomasfuchs Almost all non-Western knowledge is missing. Unless you consider only westerners humans, you are wrong.

@carl YouTube is huge everywhere, Africa, Asia, South America, you name it.

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