Nazis on Reddit having second thoughts installing the Parler web app because it’s a “progressive” web app.

@thomasfuchs Lol, their app is a web browser that only visits one site.


Ladies and gentlemen (and others), here you can see the folly of focusing on certain keywords in a language that seemingly doesn't agree with your ideology.

This counts for both left and right!

@thomasfuchs all the text on Parler is also left-aligned, seems pretty suspicious to me

@thomasfuchs Not that I doubt your good word, but how did you get upvote/downvote breakdowns to show up on Reddit?

@thomasfuchs Right, I think this isn't Reddit at all. Hm, I bet it's Voat.

@gnomon @thomasfuchs


1) I'm not clicking on Anticommunist Thedonald 2) Why does it say win?

(Okay, but seriously, thanks for finding the link. Happily, it doesn't even seem to load.)

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