Without telling your age, tell us how old you are with a Linux command 🐧

$ vi /etc/X11/XF86Config

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@thomasfuchs Well it doesn't tells my age but I still have this hardcoded-brain thing of thinking first about "iostat -En" (from OpenSolaris) to list drives on systems like BSDs. (where I end up running tail or grep on dmesg)
@thomasfuchs Actually in old things I haven't seen in a while but isn't a command line.

I'm pretty sure there used to be a "switch users" button on something like XScreensaver something like ~15 years ago.

Does "make dep clean bzlilo modules modules_install" count as a good one?

> ... tell us how old you are with a Linux command 🐧

cat /var/log/lilo_log.19656

@loke @djsundog @thomasfuchs

@thomasfuchs I can't actually tell my age with an appropriate Linux command because I'd been using UNIX for most of a decade when Linux came out.

@thomasfuchs not a very good example since we've been using Linux in some shape or form since when Ubuntu used Unity as its main DE. We used to just use linux to play neat linux games when we were quite younger.

Not sure about this, found from internet:
crontab -e
0 0 18 05 * [[ $(date "+\%Y") == 198x ]]

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