This is the most ridiculous C64 demo ever and it was just released. You need to watch this.

@thomasfuchs I remember 8-bit guy saying the C64 floppy drives essentially had an entire computer about as powerful as a C64 inside them just for disk access. So I guess that's how this is running?

So all those sounds are just coming from the floppy heads vibrating?

@djsumdog yes, the floppy drive has a 6502, but none of the other support chips obviously.

WRT to the 8-bit gut, I’ve unfollowed and blocked him everywhere since his “I’m going to the sandwich shop with an assault rifle strapped to my back” video.

@thomasfuchs @djsumdog wow that sent me to the weird part of YouTube where people make fan videos about YouTuber wars.

But... Even if I didn't find that video, I've seen enough to make it plausible.
So sad. 😔

@signaleleven @djsumdog he deleted it, but it's literally him going to subway with a AR-15 strapped to his back and ordering his sandwich like it's completely normal to do this and not batshit bonkers

@aral @thomasfuchs Wow! Totally insane and brilliant! Never saw such a crazy demo 😱


I told quiss yesterday on the stream that I'd posted about it, and it was blowing up on the fediverse.

He had not heard of the fediverse before. (:

He said he saw a lot of traffic coming in from my post - and likely from yours now too.

I wouldn't be surprized if he discovers more about likeminded folks here on the Fediverse now as a result. (I'd like that as much as I like the demo.)

@thomasfuchs That is awesome. I loved the way he presented the setup and then just cut the cable. 😅​

@thomasfuchs Pretty cute! IIRC the drives have their own 6502 and RAM. I wonder if there are any popular uses of them as some kind of coprocessor? I have to admit, those Commodore monitors are still very nice. Never really had anything equivalent in Atari land.

@thomasfuchs @neauoire you might enjoy this judged by what you have been sharing :)

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