Lies, you need at least 20MB of JavaScript to make any functional web page, everybody knows that

@Archivist @thomasfuchs Well I actually checked and sadly because of an hi-res rendered image, which I could remove from the copy (and put a Makefile to get it) I end up with a quite large tarball by floppy standards:

4.3M 3.1M 2.8M hacktivis.me_img.tar.xz 1.3M hacktivis.me_noimg.tar 258K hacktivis.me_noimg.tar.xz

@lanodan @thomasfuchs I am sneaky and all of my website images are svgs with some generated on the fly

@Archivist @thomasfuchs heh, as my website is static that's the entire copy directly browsable (well you need basic server-side-includes for footer and navbar but that's not going to bloat it much and it's quite optional).

@thomasfuchs sometimes I miss these guys. There's something satisfying to accessing stuff by slotting cartridges in a drive that 5.25" and CDs don't give you.

Similar for mini-disc, ZIP, etc.

@jens @thomasfuchs the anticipation of seeing it by allowance of read time, assuredly is part of it. :D

@jens @thomasfuchs I still have some of these things flying around and from time to time put them into a drive and do some read/write just to hear the sound of it...beautiful 🤤

@jens @thomasfuchs there's definitely something visceral about analog media, whether it's storing analog signals (cassettes, LPs) or digital data (floppies, ZIP disks)

@thomasfuchs nooo! You need to use at least 3 different js frameworks (that means you're experienced webdev), pick a css framework then add Google Analytics and some third-party scripts you don't really need and then block TOR traffic.
If your website has like 10MB of junk, don't worry that's standard for today 🙃🙄

@thomasfuchs I could fit my personal website onto this as well as at least 1,439 other similarly-sized sites! 🤘

@thomasfuchs zstd can do wonderful things with JavaScript though

You could _probably_ jam 20MB of JavaScript onto a floppy I just run some tests. I shall report back.

@thomasfuchs I think around 800kb used most of it is images used webp to make them small as fuck
@thomasfuchs apparently the biggest ones can do up to 1.4MB so I could in theory store it on a floppy, then maybe compress it with zstd to get even more space 🤔
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