I think I've found a laptop to take with me to Starbucks when it's safe again

@thomasfuchs That Laptop is safe. No modern virus will damage it.

@alm10965 @thomasfuchs with only 16MB ram that's probably a bit of a challenge and I guess even the intel 486 isn't supported by most distro binaries nowadays. Even OpenWRT has bigger minimum requirements, although a custom build would probably work :)

@thomasfuchs maybe I should take my TRS-80 Model 4P or KayPro 4/84? They’re portable, after all.

@thomasfuchs you won't be safe operating this in a public space.

Its pretty obvious you'll use this to launch an attack on the planet from an orbiting satellite.

you will be stopped

@thomasfuchs I actually have one of those, minus the ethernet interface.

@ieure How is it? :) I know it plays DOOM because the listing literally shows a photo of it running DOOM.

@thomasfuchs I don't have the charger, unfortunately, so I haven't powered it on. It has some specialized hardware, so its probably not a great general purpose machine.

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