Creative Commons is now in on the NFT scam. The tech industry has really lost any moral compass it may still have had. (via

@thomasfuchs I bet that engagement wasn't educating the public about modern-day scams.

Thanks for sharing,

So the #CreativeCommons website is now officially just another #Cloudflare-served #moneyLaunderingSupporter website.

By the way when one uses an image on their page that is sourced from the #cc website they are effectively adding a little Cloudflare #tracker on their website, too.

#clownWorld #NFT #crime #whiteCollarCrime #moneyLaundering #howVeryKeynesian

@thomasfuchs I don't think the tech industry had much of a moral compass, even back in the day. What this tells me is that there is no longer any intellectual or ideological character to the CC organization and that they're just chasing whatever currently seems trendy and monetizable.

@thomasfuchs NFTs have nothing to do with copyright though

@waifu copyright is literally about ownership of rights to a creative work, which NFTs claim to be

@thomasfuchs Just because something claims to be about something doesn’t mean it is. The technology isn’t to blame here, if anything a government would be the one to enforce anything, otherwise it’s just an image on the internet ????

@waifu @thomasfuchs the "BY" component of any CC license requires giving credit to the creator. Literally every CC license, save CC Zero, has a BY component. The only thing the cryptographic component of an NFT is allow third parties to independently verify that "BY". Copyright regimes are the domain of legislation and enforcement by the State.

@JapanAnon @waifu A lot of NFTs are stolen art (see countless Twitter threads on this), there's no way, shape or form you can use them to actually verify copyrights or ownership.

It's pyramid scheme scam, no more, no less.

@thomasfuchs @waifu ...and yet they do nothing more than that, so at worst they're a harmless novelty for people with more money than sense.

@thomasfuchs @JapanAnon Then why are you saying they’re against CC????

You just accepted they have nothing to do with copyright.

That’s the reason why, if you want to support your artist by buying an nft you should buy from it from them not some rando that reposted it!

@waifu @thomasfuchs Shit, you want to get technical, I could easily snatch some JPEG off an image search and re-upload it to my own website with a CC license and claim it as my own. If it's some rando shoop-job from n imageboard, who's going to prove me wrong? CREATIVE COMMONS IS A SCAM, YOU GUISE

NFTs are an implementation of a technology. Like a lot of technologies, it goes through some shitty fad implementations until it finds a decent, practical use (or doesn't, and dies off).

I could very easily create a CC-licensed piece of work and mint it as an NFT, and sell it to a buyer who wanted it (assuming one exists) without in any way impeding the ability of anybody to right-click said work and save it, use it, share it, etc.

The bigger question is "what value is there in having provable ownership rights to a fucking JPEG anybody can copy"? Right now I don't have an answer for that, but if somebody wants to give another somebody hundreds of dollars for that, it's their business and not mine.

I'm waiting for NFTs to be used to adjudicate ownership rights over plots of land or large, immobile assets like ships without the need for a State entity to be involved. The day that happens, I'll start paying closer attention.

@JapanAnon @thomasfuchs The only plausible use for me nowadays:

As a means of donation to the original artist with almost nobody in the middle.
As a means of collecting things that almost “can’t” be lost.

“Why would you want to collect some jpgs?” Why do people 100% games? Why do people collect achievements? Why do people collect soccer/simpsons/animegacha cards? I’m guessing fun but it’s not my business.

@waifu @thomasfuchs To be technical, it's not even "collecting jpgs" so much as "collecting crypto tokens that assert ownership over the abstract concept of said jpgs".

There are people who are into that kind of thing, and want their ETH-backed monkeys or whatever. I guess they're happy with that, though I have a chuckle whenever one of them gets ass-blasted over other people right-clicking their monkey because they can't separate the reproducible image data from the abstract ownership concept. is actually minting a series of NFTs to celebrate their 1.0 launch which I'm planning to grab one of, because they're designed as mementos for early members of the site and it strikes me as a fun conversation piece. I won't drop more on it than I'd normally spend on a daki or an oppai mouse pad, but if it falls within what I think is a good price I'm happy to have a novelty piece as a virtual trophy on my cyber-mantle.
@JapanAnon @thomasfuchs yeah yeah that's exactly what I think about nfts sometimes I buy nfts from my frens more for like "showing appreciation" in some way :hapyday:

@JapanAnon @thomasfuchs

I could easily snatch some JPEG off an image search and re-upload it to my own website with a CC license and claim it as my own. If it’s some rando shoop-job from n imageboard, who’s going to prove me wrong? CREATIVE COMMONS IS A SCAM, YOU GUISE

Adding to the cc by scamming anonymous lmao that’s genius

@waifu @thomasfuchs If something claims to be something but there's no grounds for it, it's a scam.
@thomasfuchs How are nfts "literally the opposite of creative commons"? I don't really see how they're incompatible.

@Alex one is to allow people specify how their work can be reused, the other is to scam people out of money by pretending they own something

@thomasfuchs @Alex :akkoWhut: You just contradicted yourself, why would CC be against nfts if nft owners are just “pretending to be copyright holders”. If they’re just “pretending” then it’s the scammers to blame not the tech.

@thomasfuchs @TQ genuine question: how is CC reporting on NFTs as a cultural phenomenon (in this case, observing how traditional cultural institutions are engaging with them) shilling for/joining in on NFTs?

This doesn't seem like an endorsement to me. It certainly isn't CC selling or participating in NFT bullshit. It seems like them just talking about things that are happening in digital cultural space, which is kind of their thing. What am I missing?

@calcifer @TQ They're not talking about anything, they're just sharing something from a source that is hyping NFTs and they don't comment on this, making it appear as an endorsement ("drive engagement with NFTs!") in their Facebook stream.

Obviously they're shilling for it.

@thomasfuchs Yeah, that's not even a square peg in a round hole, but more like a fitting a sphere into a square.

@thomasfuchs Maybe I should create an NFT for each line of code I release under Apache/MIT/BSD license... Hmmm? A line, file, project? I think a line is good, people can put it on a T-shirt.

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