1975: "Let's build the Internet, a network that can survive a nuclear war!"
2021: "Let's host everything on the server of this one discount bookshop!"

@thomasfuchs or at least use the one big CDN/ddos mitigation service everyone uses

@thomasfuchs definitely gonna start referring to Amazon as this one discount bookshop

@thomasfuchs but it is a discount bookshop that could probably survive a nuclear war

@cyberia idk, they can't even keep it running during holiday shopping season

@thomasfuchs @cyberia hah, I usually see something like: "let's host our simple static frontend without any bavkrnd on 10 servers with additional failover measurements to be sure everyone can reach our new super-duper blockchain-based solution with 3 visitors/month"

@thomasfuchs the fediverse and irc will survive world war 3

@thomasfuchs "They're a big American IT corporation! Of course they would NEVER lose any data!"

#FamousLastWords #LearnFromHistory


To be fair, the server are still distributed around the world to reduce latency.

Only control is centralized.

IOW, the Internet is still (quite) decentralized, state just need to expropriate data center as a compensation for #BigTech's tax avoidance.

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