Little known fact, RGB pimping your computer attracts cats

@brion @thomasfuchs My younger son has that same case and the cat LOVES that top-venting fan.

@venya @thomasfuchs my cat loves the top-facing power button. ;)

I had to disable it... :P :D

@brion @thomasfuchs

We made a plastic cover for it so you have to flip up to activate. Another PC had to have the control panel moved when the cats would use it as a spring board to the window and either power off or reset the system.

@thomasfuchs that's a nice looking graphics card! what is it?

@thomasfuchs Okay the glowy CABLES are a) overkill and b) really cool.

I wish we could afford fancy RGB bling tech!

It gives the ultimate glow-up. Not that it's needed, but cats have an unfailing nose for bling. :P

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