For "COVID is over" crowd, a year ago we had 1/20th of the case load

Still getting the denier crowd replying with "who cares".

You know who cares?

- The families of the millions of dead people
- The 30% of people who get COVID and get (possibly permanent) disabilities (yes, this affects vaccinated people just as much as others)
- The kids that can't get vaccinations yet
- Immuno-compromised people who will get sick and die because you are a selfish asshole

@thomasfuchs Yes, but who cares? More sniffles is just about as interesting as a graph showing 2x the skinned knees this year.

@thomasfuchs And reported testing results are all but certainly much lower as a fraction now.

Keep an eye on hospitalisations and deaths. Note that both lag.


Wow... Need to check what's the current booster recommendation for UK 😬

@thomasfuchs When do we get to the loop of this roller coaster?


The x-axis labels are confusing, at least for me.
But maybe I'm just too dumb?

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