I have some questions wrt to the January 6 hearings, like do Secret Service agents explode in a puff of logic when the President assaults them?

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There are procedures.
They may be awkward and uncomfortable for the recipient.
The Office of the President is protected in spite of the best efforts of the occupant.

I so hope there was a learning opportunity.

@jrconlin What if protection of the Office requires removal of the Ocupant?


@dredmorbius @thomasfuchs

I think the stand is "out of their pay grade".

Basically, keep the occupant "protected" until the 25th kicks in.

Which, you know, is actually a good thing in the long run.

@jrconlin @dredmorbius They're also assigned to protect former presidents, so I don't think anything would really change at the instance of transition of power

@thomasfuchs What if, say for the sake of argument, a former president lead an armed assault on the government?

Where does the protection end?


@dredmorbius @thomasfuchs

Ah, that one's easy.
The protection detail that a former president is offered are basically bodyguards. They're there to deal with threats to the former president and spouse (kids ain't included). They can also be dismissed.

If the individuals participate in any crime, they have no capacity to interfere with police or judicial.

@thomasfuchs It turns out that the US was far closer to testing this on Jan 6 2021 then we'd previously realise. From the Washington Post about a week ago:

Former Secret Service agents and national security officials emphasized the even more horrible events that could have unfolded on Jan. 6 if either Pence’s or Trump’s detail leaders had made different choices. They described the unimaginable scenario in which the president and vice president set out on a violent collision course at the Capitol, two leaders with opposing goals meeting up, accompanied by their dueling security guards and Trump’s chaotic army of protesters. Trump, after all, had been pressuring Pence to refuse to go along with the final count of electors, and some rioters were chanting, “Hang Mike Pence!”

Secret Service detail against Secret Service detail.


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@dredmorbius @thomasfuchs

In a better world, I would suspect that some new rules would be drafted to deal with this in the future. (E.g. "if your boss is being clearly seditious, you're allowed to stand down.")

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