Just 4 to 6 weeks left until schools reopen and children will spread BA.5 like wildfire because after three years of COVID we still can't get our shit together in the slightest to prevent a deadly airborne disease to slaughter and maim innocent people.

@thomasfuchs Hell, people with monkeypox are going on a subways with their bodies covered in open sores because they believe in the whole "You can't catch it unless you're gay" nonsense despite said person insisting they're straight.

Mother nature is bringing balance back to the world, & frankly we have it coming. Too many malicious people in charge.

@thomasfuchs I had forgotten about that. You know, the other disease we eradicated with vaccines. 🙄

@allenstenhaus @thomasfuchs We didn’t quite finish off polio, right? That was smallpox.

@tewha @thomasfuchs So many diseases were unheard of after I was born. I may be remembering the facts wrong.

@tewha Smallpox was completely eradicated in the wild. There've been a few lab-outbreak instances (look up the 1970s one in the UK for nightmare fuel).

Polio was entirely eliminated in many countries but not globally, with some endemic cases still found in India, Pakistan, and parts of Africa AFAIU.

/me checks Wikipedia ...

Yeah, roughly that.

The one that freaks me out is TDR-TB: totally-drug-resistant tuberculosis. Not a fast-spreader, but once acquired, it's for life, and the only control is to keep infected individuals separate from the rest of society. That is, you NEED a socialised healthcare system, and that isolation MUST be attractive to those infected. It's the ultimate refutation of private-interest market-capitalism in my book.

Oh, and TDR-TB exists, it's just not widely-spread.


@allenstenhaus @thomasfuchs

@dredmorbius @allenstenhaus @thomasfuchs my uncle died of post polio syndrome decades after it took the use of his legs, so I am annoyed we took our boot off it’s throat.

Pandemic (s, plural) 

@tewha @allenstenhaus @thomasfuchs

There was at least 1 confirmed polio case in New York, as of a week ago. I haven't heard if it's spread since then.

@thomasfuchs even less… 15 days til my kid is back in school. At least she wears her mask well.

@thomasfuchs my niece came home with a letter that said she was exposed the first day of school. 🙄 I have a feeling I'll get covid one more time before the year is over.

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