By the age of 30 you should be fluent in writing assembly for at least 3 obsolete 8-bit architectures

@thomasfuchs *lol* oh damn, I fail... I just barely remember 6502/10, but my m68k is still ok...

@thomasfuchs As opposed to the non-obsolete 8 bitters?

(Cue the sound of AVR fans rushing in to claim their platform isn't worse than ARM in every way)

@penguin42 @thomasfuchs That doesn't surprise me, but that doesn't make them good. ;-)

@thomasfuchs some of us are saving such joys for retirement projects.

If you don't do it by thirty, wait until 65+.

@stebby @thomasfuchs crap. Mid 50s and I only know 6502 & Z80. I did order an RCA 1802 kit recently though, so there is hope 😝

@thomasfuchs @stebby Never put things off “for the holidays” or “for retirement”. Life is short.

@thomasfuchs @purple Does it count if all three are MOS 6502 based?

I'm 33. I can do x86 (but that's 16 bit) and a bit of Z80 and 6303 and I'm learning 8080 now. I've looked at 6502 and 8048 but not done much with them...

Does the Python virtual machine count? If so, I have 3. If not, I have 2

@thomasfuchs I'll add one obscure Japanese 4 bit micro used in television applications in the 1980s...

@thomasfuchs I’m failing as I only learnt two and one of them is still available in brand new processors so technically not obsolete. I jumped to ARM in the late mid 80s.

@thomasfuchs FWIW it’s 6502 (which I can do in my sleep) and 8080.

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