@kuketzblog sehe gerade deine DNS Server Liste in der Empfehlungsecke, ich habe bisher immer dns.watch/ empfohlen sehe die aber nur eine einem älteren Post von Dir kuketz-blog.de/dns-unzensierte. Sind die in Ungnade gefallen?

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"The age of ", 10 pages in and I have to already stop because I need a text marker and sticky notes before I read any further!

If you can't find your app on the database here's how I managed to have mine scanned:
1. Go to Google Play store
2. Search for your app
3. Select the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner and select share
4. I used share with my email client which gave me the url I needed in an email, other share targets may work too
5. Copy and paste the part which follows "?=" here reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/

Thank you @exodus! Your app is brilliant. Going to use the insight you provide to publicly blame and shame a few vendors which sneakingly stuff their apps with trackers! This has too change!

So, die Planungen für den morgigen Safer Internet Day sind abgeschlossen, morgen ein Interview mit der Lokalpresse, Podcast wird in den nächsten Tagen veröffentlicht, kostenloser Workshop Digitale Selbstverteidigung in 2 Wochen. Welche Aktionen laufen denn so bei anderen?

Allright, today's international privacy day, so here's my list
Browser=+, FirefoxContainers

Excellent write up and an eye catching chart showing that our real digital identity has got very little to do with what we willingly share.

Will be recording a podcast on with @AndreaPowLee@twitter.com for @Schwaebische@twitter.com next Monday, going to be fun. @tijmenschep@twitter.com

Just found Mastalab on the F-Droid store, first impression is very positive!

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Also ich fände es ja super, wenn unser neuer Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragter @UlrichKelber@twitter.com auch im alternativen dezentralen sozialen Netzwerk Mastodon vertreten sein würde :-)

For those (like me) moving from Twitter to here, should we un-follow in Twitter whenever we add someone in Mastodon so Mastodon over time becomes the one and only place and not just a duplicate? How do you handle this?

I mean how is one supposed to use these? Or is it by design that the timelines become unusable as the number of members increases? Am I simply on the wrong server?

Really trying to use Mastodon more but somehow I can't figure it out.
What I am most puzzled about is the timelines. Turning on my local timeline feels like I get to see every conversation in my home city, impossible to follow and completely irrelevant because of the vast amount of posts and subjects. The federated timeline multiplies this and feels like listening to everyone in the world in parallel.

Nach längerer Abstinenz diese Woche mal wieder vor Publikum. Wer am Donnerstag noch nicht weiß wo er zum Frühstücken hin soll und mir zum Thema zuhören möchte kann sich ja das hier bit.ly/2AKqTQX überlegen.


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