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harry 🅱aewood @thoneycombs@mastodon.social

when the revolution comes, whoever will be chairman is gonna have their own iron throne but it's made out of the enemies' toothbrushes

The left can unite in wondering what the fuck ancaps are thinking

Being anti-imperialist means showing solidarity for states targeted by imperialism. That means Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, and DPRK.

i wanna go see a movie tomorrow but every single movie playing sucks. why are movies so bad

Remember to do something good for yourself today. Take a break from the internet. Hang out with some plants or animals. Eat or drink something good. You deserve it and your brain needs good chemicals and rest.

You can't save the world by watching the news.

new account on on the socialism instance, am i a cool kid now?⁉

if only the millions of prison slaves in the USA garnered as much media attention as that one american fratboy jailed in the DPRK

i'll probably never really get into instances because i'm not really into curating my online space like that. it is a cool structure though

i wanna try a new food tomorrow night, give me random food recommendations

Pretty please can we leave bad-faith opinions about M-Ls and anti-imperialists behind on twitter?

i'll agree with the 2 state solution if both are palestine and palestine

Veteran tooters: hey welcome new ppl :) remember, the best thing about Mastodon is the thousands of instances tailored to your specific interests and groups. Enjoy! :3

70000 twitter commies: WHATS UP mastodon.social !! FUCK COPS !! DESTROY ISRAEL !! DEATH TO AMERICA !! NO HETEROS ALLOWED !!!!!!!!

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Wonder Woman has been like co-opted by Zionism tbh. By casting Gadot that was intentional they even said her service played a factor so don't act like you can disassociate the two, its disingenuous as fuck and honestly it's a simple ask from us Palestinians just don't watch or otherwise patron Wonder Woman I think I might be done ranting but I hate Zionism I hate Wonder Woman I hate Gal Gadot

how does this even begin to make sense. please get materialism asap