is there an ethical, privacy respecting audio/video conferencing service out there? In the EU?

Matrix itself isn't (Google), Element isn't (UK), Jitsi isn't (US).

Free isn't necessary, I am happy to pay. But respecting is.

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Wtf Firefox! I just updated Firefox on iOS and the only change for the update was that it’s now easier to pin or unpin websites.

So after the update I open Firefox and what do I see? They pinned Google search by default next to my other pinned websites without me givin any input for it to do that!

Dear Firefox, please stop

You can see the new change and how they directly pin google search for you here:

#privacy #firefox


Downloaded Element to set up a Matrix account.

It uses Google Recaptcha - if you block Google domains, you can't sign up.

So you run an open source tool but use a proprietary, privacy destroying tool to control it? You are part of the problem not the solution.

When I try to put in a query in the contact form to Element if this is true on their hosted instances, I can't because it uses Cloudflare.

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it's bullshit that Zoom has living captioning *but* you have to have a zoom account and enable it through the website, and so have to sign into a zoom client.

also i kinda hate zoom, and feeling like gaining accessibility means so often losing privacy.

#accessibility #privacy

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thornedu boosted has both Facebook and Google trackers in it.

Jitsi Meet ( doesn't but it does use Amplitude as a tracker:

JItsi is owned by a US (California) company called 8x8 - their "privacy" policy is the usual suspects: they can share what they like including to its "group companies" which is getting to be very long list:

Sorry, I'll take my elsewhere.

Firefox 86

Not to mention the obvious that such "popular third party login providers" means Google and Facebook!

Those are among the most common tracking devices around.

And Firefox allows those because it someone magically knows I "intend" to use them???

More compromises from Firefox ...

Firefox 86 cookie protection has an HUGE HOLE in it:

"Total Cookie Protection makes a limited exception for cross-site cookies when they are needed for non-tracking purposes, such as those used by popular third-party login providers. Only when Total Cookie Protection detects that you intend to use a provider, will it give that provider permission to use a cross-site cookie specifically for the site you’re currently visiting"

How does it "detect" what I "intend"?

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Everyone wants to send elaborately designed #emails, so that they stand out from the masses. Well, we all know ourselves that we don't look at almost every email if we don't know the sender. In the usual email clients the emails are displayed directly in #HTML and thus also the #tracking pixel is called. This triggers the tracking unintentionally and without having control over it.
Use only #plaintext emails!

#privacy #security #itsecurity

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@lukOlejnik Next update of Google's Chrome delivers "first-party sets". Feature bypasses single origin policy: several websites to communicate/share data/cookies/etc. Single origin policy prohibit such flows. Opens new tracking potential. #privacy #chrome

Mozilla opposed this change

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Warning: by signing up on GitHub you can get some ads in your inbox

That shows how Github is willing to share your email with advertisers (actually that's the second time I got such thing)

#github #privacy

Number of clicks it takes in Safari to clear out your browsing data:

1) Safari menu
2) Preferences
3) Privacy
4) Manage website data
5) Remove all
6) Done

My finger is broken now. It needs to rest.

Number of clicks it takes in Firefox to clear out your browsing data:

1) Hamburger menu
2) Preferences
3) Privacy & Security
4) Scroll down exactly the right amount
5) Clear data
(Pick your two options)
6) Clear

Man, my finger is really tired now.

Number of clicks it takes in Brave to clear out your browsing data:

1) Hamburger menu
2) Settings
3) Additional settings
4) Privacy and security
5) Clear browsing data
(pick your settings or use defaults)
6) Clear data

My finger is tired.

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Please stop handing Google your users' data by using Google Forms. There's a fine alternative: Nextcloud Forms. Keep your data on your own server!

#privacy #GDPR

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"Applied to all web users, data sovereignty means giving individuals complete authority over their personal data. This includes the self-determination of which elements of our personal data we permit to be collected, and how we allow it to be analysed, stored, owned and used."

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Fears over DNA as 23andMe plans to go public in deal with Richard Branson - well, some of us have been warning for years not to use these companies...

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The reason why most smartphones don't have a headphone jack anymore is because when you have to rely on Bluetooth, you are far easier to track.

Getting rid of the headphone jack means less user .

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