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Today’s unprecedented use of sensitive data and intrusive technologies demands closer scrutiny than ever by the @ICOnews. Disappointingly, the UK watchdog has decided to do the opposite and back off.

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I don't use, support or link to NPR. It's policy isn't one at all; it violates even the most basic GDPR regulations.

If you refuse to accept its third party tracking, you get a text site with only a tiny fraction of the content.

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Webbkoll: The developer version of Webbkoll now detects report-to and report-uri directives in the Content Security Policy, Network Error Logging, and Expect-CT headers of websites. Webbkoll shows if reports are sent to a third-party endpoint. More HTTP headers will be added in the future.

Test it yourself:

We originally suggested this feature (see for further information).

#webbkoll #privacy #reporting

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Onion service URLS are not easy for humans to remember, which makes it hard for users to discover or return to an onion site. In this release, we're bringing you a proof-of-concept for human-memorable names for SecureDrop
, developed with Freedom of Press
& HTTPSEverywhere.

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Don't buy the bullshit. Corporations don't care about you or your suffering.

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Don't ask me why I ended up on a website with a name as gross as "LAD Bible" ( 🤢 🤮 ), but as I was presented with their pop-up dialogue titled "We value your #privacy", I got curious and had a look at their list of vendors they send data to.
I expect most people to straight away click "I accept" when they see these pesky dialogues. But in this case, if you click on "More options", you might find that you would be sharing different kinds of data with....

1977 different businesses.

Yes. 1977.

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Dear #OpenSource community,

we use #BigBlueButton for providing our #videoconference service. We are thankful that #FreeSoftware like #BBB makes it possible to stay connected during these times.

And now it is on us to give something back.

On our website, , we publish tools we develop to make our service more #privacy friendly and #GDPR compliant.

Feel free to use/share/improve it, we will continue to publish more of our work over time.

Thank you for your support.

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That’s one of the reasons why we are so disappointed by Utah's Healthy Together app, which tracks GPS location data in addition to proximity and cell tower data. 3/7

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1. Curious to learn more about #Pocket, so clicks on icon in Firefox's awesomebar and visits Pocket site.

2. Clicks on #uBlockOrigin, sees Google Analytics.

3. Closes tab.

#surveillance #surveillancecapitalism #google #firefox #mozilla

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"Seven of the top ten companies by market capitalization are tech companies. Seven out of ten are using data that they take from us, without our consent, to create their products. That is part of our labor power: those products are made with our emotional labor, our mental labor. Privacy is a way to reclaim our labor power." -- @flexlibris

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Although the EO purports to advance freedom of speech, it disregards the well-established First Amendment principle of editorial freedom, by which the government cannot force a publisher to speak in ways it does not want to.

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Hey all, I'm looking for alternatives to /

Anyone aware of #opensource #FOSS, #privacy respecting, academic networking sites/systems? Perhaps a group within Mastodon network?

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Hell hath no fury like a child-in-chief scorned:

Careful what you wish for, breaching the "platform" versus "content" line. A feast day for lawyers and lobbyists lies ahead.

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"It’s not just Ebay scanning your ports, there is allegedly a network of 30,000 websites out there all working for the common aim of harvesting open ports, collecting IP addresses, and User Agents in an attempt to track users all across the web. "

Excellent investigating:

Invading your computer and privacy with security through obfuscation to "prevent fraud".

All this does is collect and store more personal data without consent so it can be breached one day.

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Bill aims to ban microtargeting of political ads. I'd argue the same reasoning to ban targeted manipulation for political ads should apply to *all* ads. The Internet (and society) would be much healither w/o microtargeting. #privacy

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