NordVPN says they don't do any logging, which may be true.

But their Mac client pings Google about every 20-25 seconds, to firebaseio. It also uses the Google APIs including firebase logging.

Probably nothing to worry about right???? Naaahhh...

@thornedu Unsure of’s services but their website uses Google Analytics as well.

@theprivacyfoundation @thornedu It's hosted at Google Cloud so it's evil,too.I recommend getting rid of NordVPN as soon as possible.Only use providers which supports open protocols or,even better,use Tor so you don't have to trust a single company.

@nipos @theprivacyfoundation

That's interesting to know, thank you.. Nord is my 3rd VPN in 4 years. Each has had its issues but yes, it is time to find a new one, one that respects privacy.

@thornedu @theprivacyfoundation I heard that is quite good but at the end,you can never look inside the servers of your VPN provider so you'll never know what exactly they do.Therefore I recommend Tor instead which is fully open source.

@nipos @theprivacyfoundation Interesting, I will look into it. I use Tor all the time but for my work I often need other browsers.

@thornedu @theprivacyfoundation Well,if it's only about browsers,you actually don't need to use Tor browser to make use of the Tor network.You can run the standalone Tor client as a service on your computer and set port 9050 as system proxy.Then all traffic from all programs go through Tor.

@theprivacyfoundation I think that is for crash analytics reporting, like Hockeyapp etc.

You can disable it in the Nord interface, but you never know what it might be sending. I disable all crash and bug reporting and telemetry domains & IPs from all apps when I find them.

@thornedu " says they don't do any logging"

Would it be better if the providers said they were tracking you / logging your acitivities?

@DU_HW_IO Well, it would be better if we could verify independently what they do and then be able to judge whether they do what they say they do.

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